Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Unit 5 is about gaining more independence to help us learn and having more responsibilities around the school.

We involve the pupils to make our topics as exciting and inspiring as possible by them guiding us to what they would like to learn. We love doing lots of practical work, using Visual Literacy, using drama to help us learn, and going on exciting trips and having people in to talk to us about our topics.

Curriculum Newsletter for Parents Autumn Term 1 2017

On our wow day this term, we travelled in time to the end of our class reader: Clockwork by Phillip Pullman and predicted what we thought would happen, we were very shocked when we found out the true ending!
We also built our own time machines, made time turners from Harry Potter and TARDISes.  

PE - Netball and Gymnastics. 

We had a PE coach this term, (Mr Pickard) we worked on our routines being asthetically pleasing, whilst also showing use of more than one type of support. We used a range of equipment and had a great time!

Support Partial support







We love learning in fun ways in 5S so we relished the challenge of creating line graphs outside with chalk during our Statistics unit. Taking our learning outside

Curriculum Newsletter for Autumn term 2 2017

 PE - Hockey and Dance. 

Our Day of the Dead wow day was spectacular! We made our own 'mocktails', Guacamole and Salsa in the morning and had the opportunity to taste some other Mexican cuisine during a 5/6 dinner party. In the afternoon we made Mexican crafts and learned the Hat dance together. 

 Day of the Dead drinksDay of the Dead DipsDay of the Dead food tasting Art and DT wow day

 Curriculum Newsletter for Parents Spring Term 3 2018

 PE - Rugby and Gym Fit Circuits 

We have had our wow day for A Child's war and it was a real eye opener! We came dressed as evacuees and our teacher was extremely strict! We had to write in perfect handwriting and remain extremely quiet during lessons. We made our own gas masks, experienced air raids and had traditional WW2 lessons. 

WOW day gas masks made by the children

 Curriculum Newsletter for Parents Spring Term 4 2018

 PE - Tchoukball and Boxercise. 

We visited the Natural History Musuem in London to experience fossils first hand and we even had the opportunity to become palaeontologists. We have become Darwin by recording our own journals, written poetry for the Galapagos islands, a story from the HMS Beagle and made our own animals out of clay. 


A fish fossil at the Natural History museum Palaeontologists

 Curriculum Newsletter for Parents Summer Term 5 2018

PE - Tag Rugby & Rounders - Hats needed for the (fingers crossed) sunshine.