Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2 we are working on developing independent, self-motivated, life long learners. We try to make our topics as exciting and inspiring as possible so the pupils within our care are fully engaged. We do this by having active and exciting lessons.

In unit 2 we work hard, but we make sure that this hard work goes hand in hand with lots of fun. We love doing lots of practical work, using Visual Litearcy, doing drama to help us learn and going on exciting trips as well as incorporating art and design.

We always welcome parent helpers in our unit so feel free to get in contact and we will find some time for you to come in and see what we are up to.

Below you will find our curriculum maps telling you what we are up to this term and what we will be doing for the whole year. Please take some time to find out what your child is up to in school and how you can help at home.

Curriculum Overview for the Autumn Term 2016

 Curriculum Overview for the Spring Term 2017