School Clubs


School Clubs

Children can participate in the following clubs/activities before or after school.

If children attend an after school club they must be collected from the waiting area by the main office.

If, for any reason, your child is unable to attend their club please make sure the office has been notified before the end of the school day.

All outdoor clubs could be subject to cancellation if the weather is bad.

Please remember that children must be collected at the end of their club time, or permission given for them to walk home.

If your child wishes to join a club, please sign and return the slip to request a place (some clubs have limited places so a request cannot automatically be granted).




 Children from the Eco Club at Ruskington Chestnut Street CE Primary School attended the final of the Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Awards at the Bentley Hotel. They were delighted to be chosen as the winners by the panel of six judges, which included Dr David Bellamy OBE. One of the children said, “It is like winning an Oscar.” 

Children did a presentation to the judges and the other finalists and then answered questions from the panel. The children shared the different initiatives which they have been involved in since this project started last summer. They also performed mini sketches which they had created involving characters of ‘Eco Hero’, ‘Nature Queen’ and ‘Recycle Boy’ that help to promote their message of saving energy and helping the environment. 

Throughout the last year, the children in Eco Club have been very busy spreading their message throughout the school. They have led collective worships, carried out energy audits and energy  spot checks in classrooms to see who is saving the most energy and organised a ‘Bright Day’ for which children dressed up in bright clothes to raise money for energy saving projects. The children have also put stickers on switches throughout the school in traffic light colours to encourage children to switch off unused lights. Each class in the school has a class ‘Eco Warrior’ as well as an after school ‘Eco Club’ being run. Future plans include developing the outdoor learning environment further, organising litter picks and continuing to spread the message about being environmentally friendly throughout the school.