Welcome to Reception Class

In our EYFS Unit we learn through fun-filled, hands on activities and experiences.

Our themes for learning are decided in conjunction with the children and their interests and other exciting, seasonal events. This  helps to inspire and develop enthusiasm for learning. We aim to create a caring and supportive environment which stimulates our children to achieve their full potential.

We have lots of wonderful spaces for the children to explore and learn in. In addition to our three indoor classrooms we have a large dedicated outdoor area, a smaller garden area and a brand new sensroy room! We encourage the children to develop independence during their time with us. Our resources are all kept within easy-access for our children to explore and then put away again at the end of the session. We also make full use of the learning spaces available to the whole school including the Green Room for our weekly music and yoga sessions and the main school hall for our PE sessions and Worship.

The Reception Year marks the end of your child's time in EYFS. It is a busy year when your child develops academically in preperation for Year One. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing early writing, reading and number skills. We value the support with recieve from our parents in supporting their children with these key life skills. All of our children bring home a reading book each night and additional activities to support the development of their number and phonics skills. We support parents with workshops and communication via 'Class Dojo' so that our children have the maximum opportunity to reach their full potiential. 

Parents are kept up-to-date with thier child's progress through our online learning journey 'Tapestry'. We regualrtly post observations, photographs and videos of your child in this safe, online forum so that you can enjoy your child's learning journey with them. 

Our reception class love to get out into the community and make the most of our lovely village. We visit the village library on a weekly basis for a storytime session, attend the church coffee mornings and have recently visited the local bakery and garden centre. We also welcome visitors to school to further enhance our childrens learning experiences. 

What's new this term?

We have arrived at out last term of the Reception year. Our children have gone on an amazing journey with us. We are very excited about our final themes of the year as we know our children will love them! We have got lots of fantaistic activities planned. In addition to this we have sports day, our school trip and 'meet the teacher' day where they will become year one for the day!

This terms themes:

Week One: Pirates

Week Two: Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Week Three: The Seaside

Week Four & Five: Dinosaurs

Week Six: Forest School Week including a trip to Belton House!

Week Seven: Hooray let's Go On Holiday! (The Chestnut Street Campsite is making a comeback!)


 We are looking forward to sharing our exciting activities with parents through observations on Tapestry. 





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