Our Staff

  Executive Headteacher - Mrs K Hodson
  Head of School - Mrs C Buckley
Key Stage 1   Key Stage 2   Support Staff
Nursery   Year 3   Office Staff
Mrs J Courtney   Mr Baguley   Denise Dickinson
        Elizabeth Webster
Reception   Year 4   Julie Phillips
Mrs L Cook   Miss A Antondiadou    
Mrs C Bailie/Mrs N Walton       1:1 Teaching Assistants
TLA: Mrs D Blyton   Year 5   Miss S Lawson
Year 1   Mrs C Buckley/Mrs L Green   Miss E Parnham
Mrs N Ring       Mrs K Jeffrey
    Year 6   Mrs  S Wilson
Year 1/2   Miss C Smith   Mrs S Mansi
Mrs L Maddock   Mrs S Crook   Mrs R Handford
        Mrs C Budge
Year 2       Miss L Hulme
Miss N Litowczyk       Mrs C Moore
        Teaching and Learning Assistants
        Mrs P Fry
        Mrs D Oglesby
    Child and Family Support Worker    
    Mrs P Fry   Midday Assistants
Site Manager       Mrs D Else
Mr D Beeson       Mrs J Hall
        Mrs D Keay
Cleaners   Before School Club   Mrs J Osborne
Mrs M Fixter    Mrs M Henry   Mrs M Fixter
Mrs T Skinner   Mrs D Else   Mrs J Simner
Miss F Jones   Mrs J Phillips    
        First Aid
        Mrs M Henry