Ruskington Chestnut Street CE Primary School

Forthcoming Events

 Dates list for 2016/17

23/05/2017   Y4 Production

Y4 Production to parents at 2.30pm and 6.30pm

26/05/2017   Last Day of Term 5

05/06/2017   First Day of Term 6

06/06/2017   Seaside Workshop for KS1

08/06/2017   Y6 visit to Lincoln Castle

12/06/2017   KS1 visit Sutton on Sea

15/06/2017   KS2 Sports Day AM

16/06/2017   KS1 Sports Day AM

19/06/2017   Bikeability for Y6

20/06/2017   Bikeability for Y6

20/06/2017   Y5 visit to Holt Wood

21/06/2017   Bikeability for Y6

21/06/2017   EYFS visit Rand Farm

22/06/2017   KS2 Sports Day reserve

22/06/2017   Bikeability for Y6

22/06/2017   Little Conkers at Tattershall Farm Park

23/06/2017   KS1 Sports Day reserve

27/06/2017   Y5 Production

Y5 Production to parents at 2.30pm and 6.30pm

17/07/2017   Y6 Leavers Production to Parents

18/07/2017   Tree in the Park

18/07/2017   Y6 Prom

19/07/2017   Last Day of Term 6