Celebration Award

Friday 5th June

3H– Thomas, 4A– Whole of class, 5B– Grace, 5S– Sky, 6R-Grace, 6C– Jensen

Friday 1st May

Willow-Thomas, Maple-Kaylun and Ieuan, 3H– Jacob, 4A– Ethan, 4BN– Stacy 5B– Thomas, 5S-Gianluca, 6C-Fee, 6R– Billy

Friday 17th April

Year 3-Oliver, 4BN-Sam, 4A-Sophie, 5B– Emma, 5S-Aaron, 6R-Devon, 6C-Harry

Friday 20th March

Maple- Harvey, Chestnut– Lauren, Willow– Megan, Lime– Izzy, 3H– Catlin, 4BN– Isabelle, 4F– Isabelle, 5S– Max and Whole Class, 5B– Daniel and Whole Class, 6C– Hollie, 6R– Grace

Friday 13th March 2015

Maple-Adam, Chestnut-Freya, Willow– Theo, Lime-Ciera, 3H– Stuart, 4BN– Louise, 4F– Georgina, 5B– Cole, 5S– Lewis, 6C– Jade, 6R– Macca

Friday 27th February 2015

Y1 – Harry, Y2 – Brooklyn, Maple – Connor, 3H – Nathan, 4BN – Sofia, 4F -Grace, 5W - Max, 5B – Georgia, 6C – Joshua, 6R - Holly

Every week we celebrate outstanding work our children have done. Watch the video below to see some examples.