Behaviour reward system

‘Chestnut Behaviour Champions (CBC)’ 

  • Points are collected through the Class Dojo app from EYFS-Y6.
  • If a child receives a ‘yellow card’ or a ‘red card’ a sanction must be given - this can be decided by the class teacher and agreed within the year group team so it is age appropriate.
  • The points collected are counted, and certificates presented at the agreed levels. 90 Class Dojo points must be collected for each of the 4 stages.
  • There are 4 certificates in order - bronze, silver, gold and CBC.
  • Once a child has received the next CBC stage, their certificate will be presented in celebration assembly, and their parents are invited. The Class Dojo points will be re-set for each individual child, so the next 90 can be collected.
  • Once a child has been presented with all 4 certificates they become a ‘CBC’ and have their badge presented in a celebration assembly. Parents will be invited for this presentation.


  • Stage 1 - Verbal Warning

A second verbal warning can also be given if needed before stage 2.

  • Stage 2 - ‘Yellow card’ - Time out within the classroom, or time out with lunchtime supervisor
  • Stage 3 - ‘Red card’ - Time out within another classroom 
  • Stage 4 - Send to Head of School, time out near the office 
  • Stage 5 - Send to Head of School or Executive Head Teacher, parents contacted

Last date for CBC status to be awarded: Wednesday 11 July 2018 (badges to be presented on Friday 13 July 2018)

Date of afternoon tea: Thursday 19 July 2018