Year 1

Year 1

It is an exciting time for the children as they move from Foundation 2 into Year 1, and we aim to develop the children's confidence and independence further.  Please encourage your child to organise themselves in the morning coming into school.  Over the next few days and weeks your child will be learning lots of new routines.  Reading Books, Spelling and eventually Maths and Literally Homework.  These are all designed to support and extend your child's learning in the classroom and will be simple activities you can share.  If you have any questions or concerns, then please arrange to pop in and see me at the end of the school day.

We always welcome parent helpers in our unit so feel free to get in contact and we will find some time for you to come in and see what we are up to.

Below you wil find our curriculum maps telling you what we are up to this term and what we will be doing for the whole year.  Please take some time to find out what your child is up to in school and how you can help at home.


Curriculum Overview for Autumn Term 2016

 Curriculum Overview for Spring Term 2017