Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Spritual Development

This is the development of a child’s personality or character (some people say it is the building of their soul or spirit). At Chestnut Street School, we aim to help the children to gain an increased sense of their self-worth, identity and well-being. Our school values reflect the spiritual development which we encourage the children undertake How we fit
We have several areas in the school where the  children can sit and reflect quietly. We believe this aids the children to think about issues raised  in class or to think about issues in their own lives.


Moral Development

We help the children to create their own moral values which are based on the law of the land. Also we develop the children's  awareness of society’s rules and values.  Discussions take place  about why there are different views about society’s values.  Moral development is taught through a variety of subjects. At Chestnut Street, we believe it is important for the children to explore the values which society holds and investigate cases where these values have not been up held.




 Social Development


At Chestnut Street School, we teach the children how to uccessfully participate in the community. The children take part in activities which enable them to positivity contribute not only to the school community but communities locally, nationally and internationally. Children learn to be tolerant to all the people who live in their society and develop skills to be able to get along with all members of the community.





 Cultural development.

Through developing the children’s understanding of their own culture and world cultures which differ to their own, they begin to value diversity and  are able to form friendships with people who live in different communities.

Our Community


 Our Community is made up of lots of people.



We operate in line with DFE guidance in regards to promoting British values in school.