Curriculum - RE


Curriculum - RE

RE at Chestnut Street

At Chestnut Street the children learn about different faiths in all year groups.

The children have access to a wide range of practical and authentic resources as well as multimedia equipment to enhance their learning. Throughout their time at Chestnut Street, children have many opportunities to visit different places of worship or listen to members of various faiths talk about their beliefs within school.

During Early Years Foundation Stage, the children think carefully about their own lives, who is special to them and special times they have had.

In Year One, the children visit a Christian Church and talk about celebrations that Christians take part in. They also learn about stories of authority from Judaism and Christianity.

Year Two children study the Jewish community and the Torah as well as Christian celebrations and talking about God.

During Year Three, the children learn about Hindu beliefs and Christian journeys.

Sikh beliefs and lifestyles are taught in Year Four. As well as looking at where the Christian Bible comes from.

In Year Five, the children study Jewish and Muslim beliefs and lifestyles. Also they look at different symbols in worship.

In the children’s final year at Chestnut Street, they learn about Buddhist beliefs as well as looking at the different religions followed in the local community.