Curriculum - PE


Curriculum - PE

What is PE?

Physical Education, or PE, is taught throughout the school, from Foundation Stage right up to Year 6.

PE lessons are designed to teach children the skills needed to be active and to move with control and co-ordination, as well as skills that can be applied to a range of different sports and activities. Another key part of Physical Education is teaching children about how to have a healthy lifestyle and how our bodies are affected by exercise and movement.

PE at Chestnut Street

At Chestnut Street, all children have two PE lessons a week – an indoor lesson, which will either focus on Dance or Gymnastics, and an Outdoor lesson.

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, PE lessons are primarily skills based. This means that the children will learn and practise a range of skills and movements through different activities and games.

As children move up into Key Stage 2, these skills become more refined and children develop more control and co-ordination as they move and balance in more complex ways.

From Years 3 and 4 onwards, PE lessons begin to have more of a focus on particular sports, so that the skills learnt can be practised and developed within the context of a game with rules and teams.

Towards Year 5 and 6, children will also begin to study tactics so that they can be more effective in competitive contexts.


Carres Outreach Programme

PE and Sport Premium

We are delighted to be working with Carre’s Grammar School to increase the quality and breadth of our PE and Sport offer. Our Staff will be supported in developing their skills and knowledge via regular visits from PE specialists. The Premium will also allow for the provision of National Governing Body qualified coaches to visit our school and work with our staff and children.

The Outreach offer we have agreed with Carre’s Grammar School will pay particular focus to 4 areas:

  • High Quality PE
  • Competition
  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Community


    Code of Conduct

If you would like to advertise community sporting activities to your parents/site visitors, please follow the link below to obtain the widget for your website.