Curriculum - Music

What is music?

Music lessons teach children progressive skills throughout school and help them to become confident performers, composers and appraisers. Amongst other things, music teaches children how to keep a steady beat, work as part of a group and can also support maths skills and other curriculum areas. Lessons support the development of a range of both practical and non-practical talents.

Music at Chestnut Street.

At Chestnut Street, children take part in a range of musical activities. From reception to year 6, children are taught a progressive range of skills starting with basic singing and sound making, working through to note recognition and complex group performances and compositions. Our children take part in a wide range of fun and enjoyable activities that also challenge them through critical and creative thinking. During their time at Chestnut Street, children are able to listen and respond to a range of traditional and contemporary music from around the world. All children take part in weekly singing in the form of Choral Worship, where we learn and perfect songs for our worship sessions together. Chestnut Street also offer a range of one-to-one music tuition and extra-curricular clubs. Our Choir in particular, is very popular.