Curriculum - Mathematics


Curriculum - Mathematics

Mathematics at Chestnut Street 

Mathematics is an integral part of our learning at Chestnut Street and we fully believe that children’s learning of Maths should be put into a real-life context and so provide children with real opportunities to use their skills. This could be part of measuring using scales to bake cakes, understanding money and calculating profit and loss to sell our cakes to raise money for charity or using our understanding of ratio and proportion to create new flavours!

Mental Maths is taught every day and we support the children in learning calculation facts such as times tables as well as visualising problems in their heads and applying their mental maths in other areas of the curriculum.

Alongside our mental Maths skills, we support the children in developing a range of written methods. We teach children a range of calculation skills to enable them to be able to select the most efficient methods which could be used to solve problems.

Children at Chestnut Street enjoy learning Mathematics, understand the importance of developing their understanding and are able to apply their skills in a range of subjects.