Curriculum - ICT


Curriculum - ICT

What is ICT?

Information Communication Technology, or ICT, taught throughout the school, from Foundation Stage right up to year 6.

ICT lessons are designed to teach children the skills needed to develop and survive in the 21st century Information Age. Amongst other things ICT helps to create independent learners that have access to a wealth of information and the understanding of how to use it. ICT is also about making sure, as children use more and more technology, that they are able to keep themselves safe.

ICT at Chestnut Street Ruskington

At Chestnut Street ICT is taught through both discrete lessons and throughout the rest of the curriculum. From Foundation to Year 6 children are taught progressive skills with the children advancing the level with each year group. Throughout their time at Chestnut Street children will have learnt about a range of different skills including; stop-animation, databases, music production and film studies amongst many other things. As well as developing different skills the children will experience a range of different technologies allowing them to fully prepare for the wider world. In Year 5 and 6 the children begin to look at programming and building their own control program's and games.

Once the children have learnt the skills through discrete teaching they are given as many opportunities to use these in all other lessons. We also allow the children to take control of their ICT making sure they have opportunities to do their own things and teach each other skills they have learnt.

ICT is a rapidly changing subject and at Chestnut Street we do our best to be one step ahead and the children find this exciting.