Curriculum - French


Curriculum - French

French at Chestnut Street 

Children begin to learn some aspects of the French language from Year 1 and these skills are built upon as they progress through the school.

Language learning involves many skills, not just being able to speak the language. Songs and games are used to learn and reinforce key vocabulary and children will also use listening and reading skills to recognise words and short phrases. In Years 5 and 6 children will be encouraged to form short sentences of their own using frequently used vocabulary.

Although some written work may be done in French lessons, the children learn mainly through interaction with both the teacher and each other. Sound and video clips of native French speakers are also used to give children exposure to authentic accents and aspects of daily life in France and French-speaking countries. Children will learn language learning strategies such as recognising adjectives, verbs and nouns which links to their work in Literacy.