Enhanced Resource Provision for Hearing Impaired Children

Chestnut Street Academy welcomes its new Enhanced Resource Provision for hearing impaired children. We specifically cater for the needs of hearing impaired children as an integral part of the mainstream school. Our aims are to provide support from a range of specialist staff to ensure the needs of the hearing impaired pupils are fully met within the daily life of the school. The culture and ethos of the school promotes the inclusion and achievement of hearing impaired children and this is fully reflected in the school’s policies and plans.  

Mission statement for the Enhanced Resource Provision

We believe every hearing impaired child is an individual and we aim to differentiate our teaching, the support and methods of communication according to their needs so that they can:

  • Become confident communicators
  • Achieve their full potential at home and in school
  • Make good academic progress
  • Extend their use of English as much as is possible
  • Achieve a positive self identity and to build confidence

Partnership with SESS

The Enhanced Resource Provision involves a partnership with the Sensory Education and Support Service [SESS] who provide Qualified Teachers of the Hearing Impaired. This enables access to a variety of staff that can provide support for children with a hearing loss, with a range of needs including aural and signed communication. Qualified Teachers of the Hearing Impaired are all Qualified Teachers who have undertaken additional specialist training in the education of hearing impaired children.  This qualification is a legal requirement for teaching hearing impaired children, and must be completed within three years of starting to work with hearing impaired children.


The Provision’s staffing ration is one Specialist Teacher of the Hearing Impaired to 6 hearing impaired children with statements of special educational needs relating to their hearing loss, and specialist teaching assistants are employed for individual children according to their specialist needs outlined in their Statement. Chestnut Street Academy is a unique school with a commitment from all staff and children to work closely together in promoting an inclusive environment for both hearing and hearing impaired children.

Communication Policy

The Provision has an approach to language learning which is individually tailored to the child’s needs. Hearing impaired children learn language through meaningful intervention in the same way as their hearing peers although often at a later stage.  Some children may need more specific language programmes to target individual difficulties. Some Hearing impaired children will use sign language as part of a Total Communication (TC) or British Sign Language (BSL) approach. Where this approach is appropriate for the child it will be specified in the child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Links with other services

The teachers of the hearing impaired maintain positive relationships with other services such as audiology, speech and language therapy, educational psychologists, cochlear implant centres and SILCs to ensure that hearing impaired children receive the holistic support required to meet their needs and help them progress. Chestnut Street Academy has an improved acoustic environment in most areas of the school and audiology training for all staff is offered as part of hearing impaired awareness staff meetings.    

Admissions arrangements

Admission arrangements are the responsibility of the Local Authority (LA) in consultation with parents/carers and the Head Teacher, subject to the schools ability to meet the needs of the child and the availability of places. All pupils in the Enhanced Provision have a statement of Special Educational Needs and generally have a delay in language development.